From Celebrity Family Feud. The game seems a bit more confusing then when I watched a lot of the Richard Dawson version growing-up. The flirting with female contestants always made me laugh.


Following a major blip with my phone’s functioning some weeks ago, I did a hard scrub factory reset– where a lot of games were cleared. One of those games– was of course, Words With Friends. In it’s place I have been doing Scrabble which has slightly less FACEBOOK intrusion, and with a whole lot more anonymity.

I am represented by “R” which stands for “Rapid User.” A Guest designation you receive when you attempt an end-around sign-in sans Facebook connection. Let me be clear, I have the “paid” version of the Scrabble-app, and as you can see there are still ads, and the game treats me as second class to Facebook adherents.

Yet, it’s easy to feel comfortable with Scrabble’s hard worn computer every time Bot “Zoey.” I have built-up an impressive winning streak, having lost only a few games to Z. There is seemingly no way to make Zoey any smarter.

So, as you might guess, the game moves between Rapid User and Zoey tend to turn a bit vanilla. I knew Zoey’s-AI feelings were not on the line, so I decided to see what would happen if Rapid User (me) sent her over the saltier four letter word- “SLUT.” In spite of having the option to send the slightly more rosier “SLOT.”

The next three Word moves after “SLUT” appear above in the screenshot, “DEIGN”” with definition.