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Perfect on a DHS page. And this I have the lineup for that that concert and it is just. Now there were two simultaneous concert for anyone who wasn’t isn’t old enough that scene that but it was like the biggest I was the biggest deal. And like, I think my whole life at the time, Philadelphia and London and the Phillies show alone and the London show was almost as good as maybe just as good Black Sabbath.

Run DMC crop. He still is a Nash, Judas priest, Brian Adams, a Beach Boys. Pretender Santana, Madonna Tom Penny, Kenny Loggins the cars, Neil Young, the Thompson Twins are fighting Phil Collins Hall & Oates Mick. Jagger Tina Turner. Bob Dylan, Keith Richards running with Led Zeppelin. Yeah, Prince I think we take that stuff for granted like yeah you guys are all big stars, of course, you’re all together but I would imagine that that was a mind-boggling experience because mine don’t have the one great memory.

Actually from that day, We were all backstage. Just I think we came on after Crosby Stills.

Break-neck comedian

And unlike the financial crisis of 2008 which threw me into a serious tailspin. I just kind of took all the disruptions that came with COVID and stride. I credit meditation for that, It’s nothing. I can really prove, but I suspect that a disciplined meditation. Practice helps cultivate focus in other parts of your life.

That’s probably why. So many successful people do it. I feel like it plugs me in on a spiritual level too. Not too long ago. I was talking about meditation with this vocal coach, I was working with he meditates daily too and I told him that I thought my meditation practice causes the universe to conspire in my favor.

He looked at me, like I was crazy, huh? He said, I never thought about that. I just do it because it calms me, but to me that wouldn’t be enough. I don’t want to be calm. I want the universe conspiring in my fucking favor. Look on an intellectual level.

I know that magic forces aren’t trying to help me simply because I sit quietly and do nothing for 41 minutes a day, but on a more ethereal emotional level, it really feels like that’s what’s happening. And what good would it do me to undo that sort of magic? I’ve read that.

Faith is the belief in something. You don’t totally understand. I guess that’s what meditation is to me. Now in the same way that a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew might not be able to scientifically explain why their religious practice helps them. The very belief that it does is kind of the whole ballgame.

Am I telling you that? You’ve got to meditate that? It’s the key to happiness. No, I’m not. All I know. Is that the way I’ve done it. Since, 2019 has helped make my life more manageable. I’m sure there are lots of other things people do to help put structure discipline and balance in their lives.

Yoga, fasting therapy running marathons, journaling long walks in the woods, jujitsu learning to play the bassoon Microdosing LSD, but I can only tell you what has worked for me. Look, none of this has vanquished my anxieties from my life. I still feel a strong pull to accumulate base material things

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Camping office, trip to the Southland with a fundraising event. Take your mind’s. Worthiness is live in Brentwood. Where the dinner is taking place, Rick, Scott more information and a look at Biden’s Day of Campaign. Good evening, Rick. Hey, good evening, Pat just a few minutes ago. The presidential motorcade actually passed us for the second time tonight.

Presumably leaving that fundraising dinner The president’s trip. Here in Los Angeles, includes talks of infrastructure inflation and a stop at a local business for an LA Specialty.

President, Joe Biden, cruising down Sunset, Boulevard in the motorcade heading to a fundraising dinner for the Democratic Congressional campaign committee in Brentwood tickets. Reportedly ranging from five to $50,000. I felt privileged to have a present that I like come by here. That’s not in healthy and see if I came together.

Glance frustrated, drivers hump their horns at the LAPD roadblocks unhappy with the presidential traffic President, Biden stopped to look at this massive metro construction site, where the D-line subway will soon extend into Westwood touting. The bipartisan infrastructure law providing some federal funds for these local projects. I sign them all once in a generation investments donations.

Roads, highways bridges, railroads ports. Airports, there’s no better example. What’s happening than right here in Los Angeles. A trip to LA wouldn’t be complete without tacos. Of course, The President practically and tacos 1986 in Westwood LA Mayoral candidate, Karen, Basson LA County, Elise went with Biden for the pickup six zero The president left extra cash.

For the next customer after the crew dropped the price of the food to 16 bucks with the 50% off public service. Discount a dream visit for co-founder, Jorge Alvarez Tostado. We got the secret service in the kitchen telling us you know, to put the knives away and get the team ready because someone very important about to come and eat And the president of the United States of America shows up the President arrived in Los Angeles, Wednesday, a critical fundraising stop for the DCCC.

As Democrats. Try to keep hold of the House maturity and the upcoming midterm elections.

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Oh, that’s patrolman Springs, right? You’re the only thing standing between complete chaos. In order. Check. We’re on the radar chest department at your service. Son was cool. Yeah, there’s a place where we supposed to get

Drive. So, I don’t hear August.

Holy. Rick Smith. Why They call me the condo? I’m sorry I linked to the barbecue. I was on the mission when I got the call. Now, share a question baby. What’s the difference between bravery and courage? Oh, I know Bravery is something that you do. Sorry. For every when you do something dangerous and you’re not even scared courage.

When you’re smart enough to know, You should be scared but you do it anyway. Oh, you will not fail. I will not allow you to fail under my watch. I will not allow you to bear it. As God as my witness. We will not fail. Are you with me?

Are you with me? You know what I’m doing? Another thing is out of things, rock and roll. This can come out this day’s like this, are you with me? I tell you, with me, You