Psychic verses psychic

What is your name? My name is Angel. Craig, who do you want to pride? I want to prank my good friend from college. Doriah Evan, why are they deserving of? Being brand derea, is like such a light full of laughter person, and she’s also really deep into spiritualities, and she’s very gullible.

So, she actually just wrapped up her classes with her mystic sessions. This summer is excited, she has some psychic abilities. Does she do seance and stuff like that? Yeah. So what’s the price recently? She just asked our friends if we could go down to duck, wala beach and perform an exercise where we write all of our negatives energies.

And attachments that are like, bringing us down and knowing the fire to get rid of them. So, the idea is we go, but while we’re there, the woman will run up to her and be like, hey, girlfriend. Like i’ve never your whole life and i’m channeling a message from the universe.

I need you to go to the tallest rooftop and downtown Los Angeles. If you don’t show up, there will be unintended consequences that you. Can’t even fathom. Evidency is going to be like, oh my gosh, like angel, like we have to go complete this mission. Like, oh my gosh.

And then that’s when. Oh, you’ve been friends.

Chair float

Just having a chair. Hear some clothes and then, She’ll be seeing what they think.

Penn Wisconsin, drinking water in the air conditioner here. We’ll see how it goes. Peggy. Why don’t you tell me what happened? I miss you. With that elements back. Who’s out? We want to call the box. He’s from cuba. Hello in spanish. Okay, so what happens you drank two bubbles of wine earlier.

Let’s see. So you have a crank it all tonight. Yeah. How much what time with my girlfriend? It’s officers. Hilarious. Nicole. A big board by white out. Yeah, bottles, that’s what i’m saying. One is small. Oh, okay. The other one is happy. And then the car comes here, you took it.

And he dumped it, it was good. He did that, it got here, it got you in trouble tonight. You don’t handle alcohol very well. You don’t have a life very long to be a bitch. Are you yelling at me? I can’t talk to you anymore. Yeah. Yeah, no. Not so much.

All right, thanks for the good talk. Good talk. That’s just amazing how they want people can do when they’re underpants of alcohol. And i bet you tomorrow, we’ll talk her. She’ll be probably different and she’ll actually carry a normal conversation with me right now, straight up. She’s very bound.

She’s nice. She’s mean, she’s happy, she’s mad so until she can calm down. It’s just pointless. She’s bringing it down for us here.

Boxcar Racer

To hear. Unfortunately we get some of these tips sometimes into the newsroom and most of the time they turn out to not be What they are kind of build as if you will. Unfortunately this one turned out to be that way guys. Okay, we’re going to go to pastor andy wood.

Who is with the saddleback church? We understand the saddleback church parking. Lot is being used as the command center passenger. Are you with us? We are here. Tell me a little bit about what you’re doing to serve your community tonight. Well, we’re grateful to have the opportunity, to be able to show you the command center for local law enforcement is there Uh been on the front lines of a six corner and we’ve got some members from our church that are at the hospital now.

Working to minister with family. And have you heard anything about? Their conditions or anything from their families. You have faster. I know we we haven’t gotten many details other than, uh, you know, that we have several members, who are praying, and we’re working for minister with their families there.

Professor, you are. Obviously, a big picture in the Orange County community at saddleback, Um, I guess just a reaction to this tonight it’s so heartbreaking to see and i know yourself or have heard of the place. Obviously, a very popular spot for people in Orange County. Yeah, yeah. Thanks for so many families.

Have Great memories. And you know, with this Situation. So much sadness and Our hearts just go out to the families and the people that have been impacted and Uh, we’re praying as a church. In fact, we’re going to Have a prayer time together for the community, this friday evening at seven pm.

And so, you know, we want to invite community to come out and we do believe prayer. Uh, in these moments is one of the most important things that we can do to be framed for these family. Praying for our communities, that’s been the deeply impacted Yeah, reverend prayer is very powerful obviously needed at this point time.

Uh, since you are in such close proximity to coax corner, i have you been to yourself, and if so tell me a little bit about it and how it is involved in the community. Yeah. Well, you know, wednesday night at spaghetti night, i took corner and it’s a Really is a space where people from the community people who’ve grown hikes.

Local. They spend a lot of time. There’s so many of our church members, it’s one of, you know, the favorite places in the community. So You know, you can imagine the impact that that has a place for so many people have done life and have memory. There’s a lot a lot of pain associated with that.

A reverness as something like this happens in your community. Obviously, this is going to be something that you’ll be talking with your congregation about for Uh, many days and weeks to come. What do you? What do you make of this? How do you explain this to your congregation to people?

That have so many questions tonight? But in in the midst of so much pain and sorrow and our world, you know, the the sadness that people carry We believe that private call the church is to move towards that pain with love and care and compassion. And we also do believe that in the midst of evil, god is able to take this evil and turn it for good.

And we’re able to shine hope into the situation through his love, you know, we believe. Jesus. That life beyond just this world. This is more than just this world and we want to be that beacon opposed to communicate that there’s more than just this life. And even in the midst of the sorrow, there can be hope.

For those who, who know they have a relationship with God and where they’re going, when they die. Would pastor Andy wood with saddleback first. Thank you so much.