Ferpect bladder, Lauren alert

What has to be one of the most important issues facing this fractured nation today. Did you, or did you not decriminalize public urination in washington dc? Did you leave the charge to do so? Nobody revised criminal code left that as a criminal charge. Did you leave the charge to decriminalize public urination in washington dc?

No ma’am. Okay, favor of decriminalizing public urination, and washington dc. The revised criminal code. However, support is a criminal offense. Did you did and you support this criminal? I voted for it. Yeah. You voted to keep it as a criminal offense. That’s correct. The full council did. Whatever Warren bobber opens her mouth.

It should count as public urination.

What is it? Interesting line of question from someone, whose husband did jail time for exposing himself to a teenager and a bowling alley, but with our children being shot at their school’s. I have to say, i thank God every day that we have. People like, lauren bolbert representing the good people of colorado.

Donna drama

Drama to capture president. You know, Donald Trump announced she would be arrested a week ago today. He remains an unwanted, man, seven days later. The grand jury in New York is not expected to convene tomorrow, which means the earliest they could vote on an indictment is now. Next week in the meantime, Trump has been busy saying goodbye to old friends last night he threw quite a pity party on his pal.

Sean Hannity show. All of a sudden, they raided marlago viciously, rated marlago, i have taped of the raid, and the raid is terrible. And the way they treated people is terrible. I have the right to text stuff. I have the right to look at stuff. I didn’t say do something bad.

I say, i am afraid that people will do something, because people are very angry about it. I’ve never had an affair with him, it’s all laid up, look at what they said about russia, russia, russia hoax, it’s the fake news media. You know what it is, this is election interference.

How can you look at me as an example with the boxes of Ron came to see me tears. His eyes could have never gotten a nomination, he would be working in either a pizza column place, or a law office right now, okay, save it for your cellmate Donald. We don’t want