Last call for Stars

The goof on Stern this week,– came after the announcement of the “Dancing with the Stars” cast. Including Brittney Spears sister, Jamie Lynn.

Robin seemingly confuses, I think jokingly with the actress who played ‘Meadow Soprano” J.L. Sigler.

Pearl on pearl

Julianne Moore Safe – 1995 Director: Todd Haynes American Playhouse/Channel 4 USA

No depression

Crowes were mentioned this week on Stern and Quivers.

Howard mentioned, something to the effect of “Chris Robinson is one of the great frontmen ever in rock n roll.”

And his brother is in the band.

I remember laughing at a Robinson profile recently in which he says Oliver Stone’s film”The Doors” was something to the effect of “the worst movie I have ever seen.”

Kyle and I saw them at the Greek theatre back in the day. I seem to recall a Lollapalooza show also, maybe (Irvine with Beck).