Size of Bessie’s life

This piece of paper cost 350 dollars. Thanks Mom, Bessie’s grandmother. To me this Promise Ring sound, was the height of “emo.”

Gallon drunk/ Elvis has left the building. Punch-up at a wedding

New messages from john hyde. Asking me if i’m okay. And Here’s what i heard. Shady was so blacked out, drunk that he fell asleep, fully clothed. He woke up to text from john hine asking if he was. Okay. I’m going to talk to you seriously for a second. Yes, what’s what’s going on with you?

Like, i mean, why would you drink till the point that you black out? I mean, what’s going on? This is between me and you what it’s going on. I know, honestly it just uh, creeped up on me. I wasn’t looking to get the How many i wanted to go out?

I wanted to go out afterwards. Uh to play crabs, i got into craps, which John Heiner earlier today, you know, look at me two and three times, you know, you’re a guy never used to drink when i met you. Like you didn’t even have one drink and now it’s like you’re hitting the bottle man to the point that you’re blacking out.

When you black dude it’s not an everyday black that once in college because i was a dopey college kid. I mean what are you doing? You’re too old from this shit. It’s well, first of all this is not an everyday occurrence. I was at ronnie’s wedding. I wanted. You know, i wanted to be loose, i didn’t want to be, you know, well there’s the problem where the fuck i am now.

So there’s the problem. You think you are you you’re looking to alter your personality because you don’t feel good about yourself. Well i don’t know about all of my personality but just be able to have fun. Be able to experience fun for once you have worried about alcohol, can you have fun and you have fun without people?

No, uh, i don’t know. I don’t know that. I i have a lot of, uh, social anxiety and stuff, and that sort of uh, helps me through things. Again, i’m gonna say he’s a regularly. This is not good. What you’re saying, number one, number two, First of all, you have trouble speaking, you can’t afford to lose brain cells from alcohol.

You know? Every time you drink shit, i guess. Shit. He gets stupider. You know that i know. I know. A lot to get drunk that drunk on wine. Well i can tell you what’s going on i believe i believe what’s going on is jd is under the influence of a guy named john blit.

That’s his group. Likes to drink and get high and now you’re trying to keep up with him. No, no. I i barely, i barely like talk to him at the wedding. He sat next to me. He was with this girlfriend and they’re having their own fun, and, uh, you know, i was usually feeling well, you feeling alone and stuff like so you needed to drink.

Uh, no, it wasn’t. Let’s listen. Did i certainly have those feelings at the, at the wedding, sure. But, you know, it’s uh, was it. That’s not what you have. What feeling, huh? What feelings were you having? Oh well, first of all i was happy for. Right? What will you feelings going on being in a social situation?

What was going on that you need to drink so much. Anyway, it was, i wanted to be able to like Like talk to people or socialized or whatever. Instead, you want to be able to talk to people. That’s why you got to drink. You can’t talk without drinking, okay the thing is Howard, when he drinks and gets high, the opposite thing happens, he doesn’t say much.

He just kind of sits there and grunts like more so than usual. So it’s not working for him in that sense. Anybody else alarmed by this ronnie. I am paul, like, ronnie. What do you think? Hold on, what’s going on? You’re active. Hold on. Give me a second. You’re acting like, i like, you’re acting.

Like i passed out at the wedding and fucking almost. I was able to gather my bearings enough to walk to my room by myself. Wow. Do you tell me you were able to get to your room all by yourself? Well, at Talent. It was amazed to get the back so yeah.

At the end of the night, he comes over to me. He’s wearing These things that Blink and all, you know, i look like the barachi He’s got shit all over him. He’s all lit up and he goes to me goes. I am so fucked up. I gotta get the fuck out of here, know where i am.

And he’s, i gotta go to my room. I don’t know how to get there, but i’m gonna make it and he’s fucking walking out and he’s like, stumbling. Oh dear. You wouldn’t thought he was, uh, neil armstrong going to the moon. I don’t know where i am, but i’m gonna make it.

But he was having a good time. That’s all that mattered. These