I should have been prescribed this pharmaceutical beta blocker to combat Tachycardia years and years ago.

I was out of pills for a few days yesterday and let’s just say it was less than comfortable. Finally got it sorted and CVS was able to deliver 90 of the 2.5 mg pills for nine dollars.


Later the “mystery celebrity” asks “Have you seen (film 1986) Aliens?”


Out-takes of photos from Kristen Hersh new autobiography.

An astounding asking price of $26.00 just for the e-book. I mean this is not a textbook. Rather a 300+ page personal profile digitally available in my Amazon “cloud.”

Back in the days when I was collecting paper books I would often shop either Borders in Westwood or Barnes and Noble at the 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica. A celebrity newly published “Hardback” of this variety might see this price-point.

If Kristen is actually profiting, by all means, well-done. I have only just started the new book. An early theme seems to be that she does not navigate the treacherous “music business” with any savvy.

Audible not offered. This bio., is the follow up to K.H. “Rat Girl.”

One of the great highlights of “The Echo” shows was seeing “50 Foot Wave” and then I purchased “The Grotto” directly from Kristen. I feel like I was “wowed” at the time thinking that was “direct hand to Artist.” I may have said as much to Kyle at the time.

My awareness of “The Grotto” stemmed from following Hersh enthusiast Tricia Halloran in the years before KCRW went all “techno-electric.”

For the hard rockers thinking about exploring discography– I recommend 50-Foot Wave over The Grotto. For the sensitive listener reverse.