Jake Bee Lake

Rockets parakeets you movement and now because of that balloon. They’re finally paying attention to this stuff. The airports the input’s probably spent two million dollars this weekend shooting down on my large. Dorothy explorer balloon. But escape from the parking lot of a chuck E cheese or something. That’s it.

That’s what’s happening crisis averted. There are no aliens. Everybody go back to their phones, get back into the world while you’re at it. Right. Everyone is dumb. And we want to have some fun with that. So we went outside our studio and we asked pedestrians today. If they saw the hollywood UFO, we told them there was a UFO side siding and we asked if they saw it and sure enough, many of them did in tonight’s lying saucer edition of, lightwitness News,

We’re talking to people about the hollywood boulevard ufo. What was your reaction? I was really confused. I mean, i looked up and i just saw this thing and it was like, screaming and i wasn’t really expecting it. Like, i was talking down and i was thinking i was looking at the stars and i looked up and it’s just massive thing in the sky and it’s insane.

So but i wasn’t expecting it kind of from London. I really was expecting to see this so i’m just a little bit confused. I’m looking on social media, you know, seeing what’s going on, trust my friends at home, even though it’s like midnight at home. So, yeah, letting them know, do you think the british accent makes somebody sound smarter?

No. He was a baby for people who may not have seen it, describe what the ufo look like. It was a bright light. Traveling faster than it really should. And then all of a sudden, going disappeared. Where were you in your side? I was i was sitting um, I’m out by the airport.

So we moved in texting, you about the ufo? Yep. Can we hear some of those texts? Yes. I some people have been saying, i got this one from my, i’ve got this one from my best friend and she woke up in the middle of the night to say, oh, you’re okay, i’ll just seen it on the news and i was like and i was actually in the disney store at the time, i didn’t like realized that came back out and i was when i saw it, so it was really, really weird.

Then my mom started freaking out. So family group chat. What’s up mum? Freaking out constantly like text me, text me, text me, and i’m like why are you not sleep? It’s like for in the morning, could you show it to the camera? Tell us what you did. I work at the coffee shop, the coffee bean on the corner of Hollywood Norge and have any customers been coming in talking about the ufo today?

Yes, there was one. They seemed pretty shaken up. Pretty scared about it, they didn’t say too much, but they visibly seemed a little effective a little bit order. Uh, they ordered, uh, i’m not sure i take a lot of orders on today. I can’t remember. Just make something up.

Okay, uh, i think i got a mocha frappe with cookie bits and whipped cream.

Vibe kill

Science of susan, could do the next debbie looked over at me. The cocaine hitting And i just offered a valium grin and shook my head at nothing. She gestured at the mirror lined with coke. I’m okay. I said Susan, did another line and then so did Debbie. And i hadn’t noticed there was an opened bottle of Dom Perignon until Debbie was pouring it into the flutes, they’d carried with them, back to the room.

I’m in debbie lit cigarette, and open the window above her, bed blowing, the smoke outside. Susan wanted to drag and inhaled deeply on the clove debbie handed her I looked over the posters again, as susan, walked over to the stereo and lifted the needle, and place it on the record that was already on the turntable.

And it was something i remembered for my childhood. Something my parents used to play and up-tempo ballad on an eight-track last night. I didn’t get to sleep at all. And then i shifted in the armchair Elegant susan who had stood up and was swayed, the song. Conk is back tomorrow.

I said, What are you gonna do? Actually Tom gets back. Monday night. Susan said dreamly, he staying an extra day. She paused swayed. Lionel got tickets to a football game. She paused again and kept swinging to the music. At giants stadium. She enunciated. The giants are playing the jets, she said in a lightly sardonic tone as of

Sunset rubdown, Beachclub blues.

Back the club sandwich and fries and debbie hand at susan and iced tea. Even though she hadn’t asked for one, I was thinking about artery barber. The missing girl from Calabasas. And glancing at robbers, empty chair. I wonder what else was in the black duffel bag. He was carrying I looked for it, but didn’t see it and guess he had taken it with him when he went to the pool.

The ways crusted gently across the shore and i stared back the book. I was reading and came across the words. Pedals on a wet black bow. And a reference to the wichita, linemen, and someone being unable to drive across the carquinas bridge, as i kept drifting away. And i finally looked up, the light had changed.

I saw someone approaching us in the distance and i became frightened, it was one of the cult members from riders of the afterlife. But i