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Is in credit for that flight and he says simply that’s not enough, the flight was coming up. Evelyn, it’s kind of an epic. Uh, Do so, but they said it could take several weeks. This guy says in epic LA rain event warning, this class action. And you know, guys the way this affected everybody, i’m sure he’s not gonna have a hard time at all.

Finding people to join the suit. Definitely won’t be alone. All right, thanks so much. All right, amazing storm. On tap for tomorrow, bringing heavy rain, wind and potential thunderstorm is right here to the southland. Yeah, meteorologist, Evelyn tab watching the radar international for the forecast does incredible. How much rain we could expect four to eight inches.

It’s not mine. Wow! Yeah, so we’re going to take you through our futurecast. We did see rain earlier today we’re still tracking a few raindrops and nothing major at this point compared to what we’re bracing for a few people out of that on the pier and join sort of the dry weather, or at least the calm weather.

Now, just sprinkles feel dry and comparison to what we’re going to expect. So of course, we have the big storm that came in. Excuse me, over new years and we are expecting to see yet another one quite uh, large and similar in size. Take a look at this. So we’re going to take you through your satellite radar tracker.

I want to show you exactly when that rain is going to come in. So we’re going to start off at 11 p.m. tomorrow night. We’re going to start to see if you showers move through Ventura County, starting to get a little hairier through port, white needy, all the way up to Santa Barbara.

Now, take a look at what happens overnight, you start to get heavy rain moving in. And then as we stop the clock at 7, 15, Thursday morning, it is going to be wild. I mean, we are talking downpours. Up to eight inches of rain in our mountain communities. Once everything is set and done the red on Catering.

Down course, the orange heavy, rain, the yellow moderate, and then the green steady shower. So you’re seeing a lot of yellow, a lot of orange and a healthy amount of red. So that does mean not just rain and downforce. But the possibility of thunderstorms, this is going to be 245 thursday where the heaviest rain continues to fall.

Take a look heading down forester, San Bernardino and through Temecula as well. We’re looking at that heaviest rain, moving through the ie and the late afternoon as we stopped the clock thursday at 8:15 or tracking some showers, possibly some heavier rain through parts of the basin and maybe even a little bit of mountain snow.

I do want to mention we could see snow above 6500 feet. You’ll see wind of a big part of this as well. In fact, looking at quite a bit of wind heading our way. 

“She has tachycardia”

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On your heart. Can you hear me? Your heart’s racing. Okay, listen, the medics are here for you, all right? They’re pulling in right now. Do you think you can talk? You know what, i don’t know what that means, but I’ll tell them. Okay. This is, do you have a bad heart?

You take any medication anything like that? Do you have it with you or do you need it? So, we were going. Okay, okay. What’s technicality? I don’t know what that means. She has a heart rate in your problem, okay? Okay. Okay. What’s your entire first? She seems to be the worst.

She just tap the cardia, i don’t know what that means, some type of heart condition, but she’s bleeding from the face.