One of the last non-cloud based, actual print and paper book I own. “The New Oxford American Dictionary, SECOND EDITION, 2005.” Bought at Border’s in Westwood, where I felt very astute/smart with the purchase in the days of brick-and-morter.

I have told this story many times about– how I didn’t properly store my paperbacks and hardbacks during the great post-JoAnn K. remodel. The boxes of books emerged covered in a wicked kind of dust that penetrates through paper boxes following demolition.

I really ramped up my disposal of paper books, after reading an interview with celebrity magician Penn. He reasoned why he didn’t like paper– and I was compelled. Some paper that has penetrated the Townhouse, i.e. daily delivery of the “Los Angeles Times” is in need of sort/better yet read.

Fortunately I was an early adopter of “Kindle Amazon” e-books. I probably have well over $10,000 worth of books invested in “Amazon Cloud.”

Also great are Audible Amazon books narrated by the author. It seems it is becoming industry practice for the author to provide the narration of their own written work for Audible.

Some friends know I have enjoyed listening to “Amazon Books” narration through computerized synthesized “Text To Speech” technology on the Kindle DX. Or through Apple Ipad Kindle app with accessibility shortcut.