Getting palladium on sunday. Which just happened in the same night booked lay out of the midtown called snapping. I was despondent about missing pill. And it would only get worse. While at work at mastered, this to the following wednesday, i recognized Ed Ballman, the proprietor of 99 records, he was there to retrieve some reference discs, for the first release on his label, a 12 inch by blood vonga Ed and his partner geno franklin were running 99 records out of a storefront at 99 McDougall Street.

And they were the two retail people in the city, who best had a finger on the pulse of what was new and fresh coming out. London. Talking to ad about how cool it was at 99, was starting a label. I asked him if he had seen Pill the palladium of course he had, but he said the show last night, was way better.

My stomach followed out. What show last night. The one i think overseas. He said. It was unannounced and completely amazing. I worked around in a day as the entire week, wondering how i had missed this other show. Was i doing on tuesday night? April 22nd. I was home alone in my apartment, beating a peanut butter sandwich and watching her rerun of three’s company on a tiny black and white television set while sitting on my unmade there.