Indian Summer meltdown

Fucking high. It’s they’re calling it a heat Dome. It’s over 100. Everywhere. What the fuck he gets? He gets really upset because, yeah, really, I mean it’s so fucking stupid TV. We didn’t make it up. Oh, fuck TV. These weather guys, you know. Uh the first thing, the first thing it gets to be 100 degrees to you.

Like you think the whole fucking world ended, you know, breaking Heatwave threatening millions of Americans, the heat Dome in the west, driving temperatures to new highs 111 degrees in Las Vegas, 113 in Phoenix, the new ice immersion bags, First Responders are using to save lives and we turn to the West Coast where a heap.

Dome is expanding sending temperatures 20 to 25 degrees above average over 30 million Americans from Northern California to Texas are under some heat advisory right now. But experts say climate change is expected to increase the frequency of heat waves exposing the Ronnie Two eggs on his balls the other day for breakfast.

Yeah you know the thing is this the thing is this Ronnie moved to Vegas and he loves Vegas and I’m happy for him. But if you criticize Vegas at all, now he gets very upset because listen. Now he sold everything in New York, he moved away.