Loathing and fear, H.I.

My one corporal experience with Mr. Hunter S.T. (aside from reading most of his canon) converged at the Viper Room in West Hollywood (Sunset Blvd.), sic.

At the height of Johnny Depp owning and influencing marketing at V.R., he was filming Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The show consisted mostly of Hunter and Johnny mumbling/grunting, while several red-lipsticked plastic blow-up sex dolls, were passed around, giving the appearance of crowd surfing.

To put it kindly, the hilarity of the sex-doll scene, covered any discernible dialogue attempts from this mumbling pair of stars. Drinks from Adam D. as bartender, I’m sure I was drunk. Fog machine?

Still, Johnny and Hunter’s dialogue only mumbling. An expensive ticket for what couldn’t pass as English language.

It was though, an eerie prescience to the future trend of Gen. Z!!, mumblers. Critics assigning the film expression genre “Mumble-core.”

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