Queen for a day

What you mourn may not be what I’m worn but there is something for everybody to lament. Even if you know, my pain is bigger than your pain. I wonder if the timeless Russian is like Homburg, man. A ghost remaining, earthbound, to tell clueless genocide tourists with time. It is or if he is simply another human transformed by this place.

Into a portentous character himself. All I know is you didn’t mention the Pope but timeout. As I write this in April 2021, a stabbing pain. In my stomach pins me to the back of the chair, as if an invisible gnome has snuck up and stab me with a nitty needle, That happens more and more, but the good news.

The knitting needles are not from that elusive, mass on my kidney turns out the lump was iffy. But benign Though, no, sooner. Did I get that news? Then it was discovered. I had a throbbing kidney stone Apparently in there since at least 2016, when it was noted on an MRI and promptly forgotten as in, I was never told about it and continued to have these random piercing abdominal, pains in front and stabs of weird post-operative pain in back depending on where my bouncing baby, stone had wandered on any given nighter day mind you, I’d heard one treatment for this melody was going in through a ureter to remove the thing, the pearl.

And my penile oyster a prospect. I dreaded more than death itself. After months of regular urethra violation due to a mishap doctor’s words during back. Surgery the left my bladder non-functional, The word the nurse used was dead. The result of me, being on the table, two extra hours after Dr.

Butterfingers sliced, a vein that it took two hours to unsplice. And I awoke to a tube in my junk and a bag strapped to my th

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