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My unconscious still had this agenda of continuing to have a certain kind of relationship. Romantically that I write about in a lot of songs until I, I grew up enough and was willing to sort of date against type to be transparent. And that’s when I met my husband because it was, you know, after 54 failed relationships.

I I was tired of hearing my own teardrops falling down my face when I first meet someone just the strangeness of the circumstance that perhaps they know my songs. They know my face. This must be a trip for them. I leave so much room for when I first meet people for it, to be slightly socially odd But then I’m over time.

I imagine that there would be a softening into perceiving me as a human being, and but some people can’t really get past the, the fame thing and, and some people can. But at the end of the day, when someone’s terrified, you know, in the past, if they were terrified to ask me out or The ones who got the dates are the ones who asked is all.

I could say The running joke was, you know, people would say to me a little lettuce, All right, I would say to them rather like you know, your future lover or partner is not going to be FedEx to your front door, but in my case, my husband did come to my front door so so I was having a meditation night at my house and I’d been working with several different artists and activists and we were all getting together to meditate and And, 

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