“She has tachycardia”

Did you say this all who’s driving this car? Okay.

It’s That’s why it’s just you two. Okay. Little bit praying in anything like that in the vehicle. Nothing like that. Just and she’s her obviously face that, is it? Oh laser bother. Okay. Okay.

I don’t know, maybe it’s coming this way. You’re coming north right in front of me. Yeah, i’m turning front of me. Okay, he said that he thought you got returning. So he went ahead and turned for some reason.

On your heart. Can you hear me? Your heart’s racing. Okay, listen, the medics are here for you, all right? They’re pulling in right now. Do you think you can talk? You know what, i don’t know what that means, but I’ll tell them. Okay. This is, do you have a bad heart?

You take any medication anything like that? Do you have it with you or do you need it? So, we were going. Okay, okay. What’s technicality? I don’t know what that means. She has a heart rate in your problem, okay? Okay. Okay. What’s your entire first? She seems to be the worst.

She just tap the cardia, i don’t know what that means, some type of heart condition, but she’s bleeding from the face.

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