Sphere sucker

Like if you’re one, Howard Stern wanted to rent the sphere for the day. So the screen on the outside could have your graphics and your logos. For advertisement purposes and i think it’s at 400 thousand a day. Oh wow. Well all right. Well well anyways so james dullen you know good for him, the guys are entrepreneur.

He said, you know what, i believe in something i’m going to put up money, that’s what makes America great, guys, have ideas, they put money up. I i admire the man. But, For me. I gotta tell you something. I first of all, like, iMacs, i fucking hate iMacs. I cannot watch a movie on iMax, i feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head.

I i find i have to close my eyes. I, i feel like i’m destroying my brain cells. I go there and it is so bizarre to me to watch a movie in iMax. It’s super large, it’s it’s blown up. At times, i mean, i get the gimmick, you know, you feel, you’re gonna look, you know, sometimes the actions down there and you’re looking up here, robin, i hate it, i hate it and the same, you know, i have not been to the sphere, i doubt, i’ll go.

I got to tell you when i used to go to the film or And see a concert. It was the bet maybe they had a couple of effects. They had a video screen behind them that flashed the name of the band up or they had some psychedelic shit going on behind them.

I love bands and i love music, fuck screens. Fuck all that bullshit. The screen is good. If you see in a band that is stadium and you got the shit seats. But the you know, i really love watching a band. Why do i love watching a band? I find it fascinating when i when i go see a band this watch even the drummer for a while and then i watched the bass player and i watch the lead singer.

Oh the lead singers walking off to stage and now the guys doing a guitar solo and the way they All of these distractions, it’s like the country’s got some sort of like um, ADHD. Like we can’t focus on the music and the band. We need more immersive experiences. We need to be You know, to be feared, if, if you need all that shit, something wrong with you.

You’re like a weirdo.

Kansas City Chiefs ahead of your devotion to god. Yeah, you better not do that. Wait a minute, she’s using Taylor, Swift and Travis Kelsey to keep the attention. They’ve already put them above god. She did she, she should only be talking about the great, jesus christ, not them. She’s using them because they’re more popular than jesus.

So when it was announced Taylor Swift was attending the jets chiefs game. Even the Telemundo station in Los Angeles reported the news here, it is in another language.

Estrella de la música. Taylor Swift, establaniando estar el las gradas para ver, el en cuentro de fusola, Americano entre. Los chives de cancer, city, y, Los New York Jets and revo jersey like cantante promo cabin. Tensor from mores. De la relacion sentimental cone es jugador de los chiefs travel.

And Taylor Swift. Taylor. It’s unbelievable everywhere. They talking about this everywhere.

Well, tell Taylor Swift, muchodoro Travis

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