RIP Bessie 11/10/2023, Santa Monica, California

Admin. Jer, here with an update on Bessie. Woke this evening to find her masssive cyst had ruptured/burst/exploded. There was a lot of blood leaking. The couch downstairs is totaled.

Things seemed to be improving after I applied ice to the wound. My Mom called while I was still applying pressure and applying ice.

However after speaking with my Mom and Josh and Kelley we made a family decision to euthanize Bessie.

Lovely new 24-hour walk-in friendly, VEG in Santa Monica, were very kind about putting her on the other side. We stayed with Bessie while they applied a catheter.

In her origin story. The sign on her cage at the shelter read– “This is a good dog.”

And that proved true, right up until the end.

Like I often say with Mom, who was a Bessie fan, is that, there are dogs lives and then there are peoples lives. Humans on top.

A notion I first considered after reading Ken Kesey’s, “Sailor Song.”

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