Hey, beautiful to see us. You’re a real life juggalo. You’ve been to have you been to the Gathering of the Juggalo? I brought, I brought flat Ronnie to the Gathering and took pictures with ICP with him and, and all the artists. Yeah. Wow. And and and and, and it’s scary.

Being a juggalo right though. I mean there is some crazy shit that goes down. I used to be in the Juggalo closet like I didn’t want to tell people. I was a juggalo. So it was scary then. But once you like, really immerse yourself in it, it’s it’s the greatest.

Have you met the guys? Have you met? Oh yeah, yeah, I’ve been to Shaggy’s house. Yeah. Shaggy’s house, really friends with Shaggy’s wife. Yeah. Oh shit. Yeah. Like like Shaggy too. Dope will have fans over and just kind of hang with them. I guess. Well, kinda I I know his wife pretty well and so we went to a haunted house in Michigan with Shaggy and his wife.

And I’ve done a few things with him actually. I don’t think he knows me but I know his wife pretty well. Yeah. And are you a hardcore juggalo like do you do some of the insane shit that they’re like, what’s the crazy stuff you’ve been involved in? Um, God, good question.

Uh, I’ve witnessed a sex table That’s where that’s where two people fuck. On top of you. Like a glass table and you’re underneath it and you watch them. No, you’re the table. Like literally a guy got down on all fours and two people fucked on top of him. Wow.

Wow. Well that’s crazy. By the way I noticed you’re wearing a robin t-shirt which is a very valuable That’s from our Channel, nine days. I remember that picture. Yeah, yeah, Teddy’s out and everything, beautiful. Beautiful raw always triumphant Robin. Who did you vote? For? I’m curious when you sent in an essay, who did you vote for as the most valuable player on the Howard Stern Show?

Uh, the man stand right here, Gary dolbate really interesting, that’s interesting. What was your thesis Well, on top of 30 years of amazing. Any apps even, right? Jake. Richard JD got a bunch you sent in an essay who did you? Jd is very valuable. So yeah I think I think literally everyone here in one fashion or another did get some type of support.

How many did my trainer get? Oh Gary. I think you know the answer to that question. So you’re saying Mike trainer didn’t get a single vote as most valuable player. I’ll need to check again with the team, but as far as I know, Mike did not receive a vote Gary, might have thrown those out to be fair, I had nothing to do with him.

I’m thinking like, who are the main players? It’s Gary Chris Wilding. Uh, Richard sounds. What about I could make a good argument for blit. He’s come on very strong on this show. Jonathan Blitz. That is true. Here’s an entry. My favorite staffer is John Blit. His story about being on the elevator pretending to talk to his wife.

And then pretending he’s going to meet his mistress is one of the four and funniest stories I’ve ever heard. So John Blit, got a, a solid vote there. But what about could it be that a wolfy even got a, a big vote. Wolfie. Absolutely got votes. Uh for his work out in the field.

I I think You’d be amazed at all the different entries we got. And again how specific the fans got into proof. They wanted to kind of prove their fandom but it’s more all about the love for the show as as everyone’s expressing in there. And that’s what today is all about and the fans are going to be delighted because we’re gonna have a lot of different people.

And by the way, Steve nowicki is another one who got a ton of support for his ability. Not just Voice work as well as his guitar playing. Yeah. No. Wikis guitar playing. I’m going to make a couple arguments here for some people. No wiki’s guitar playing also like a lot of people don’t know.

No Wiki, also does Alex Jones. Hey Steve, do a little Alex Jones., these people are here, we are in the Consortium. They have seen everything and if everybody looks under their seat today, you are all going home with X2, iodine milk. Oh, it is so good better than the X3.

By the way, it must be fun for our audience to see Steve doing that live right in the Fishbowl. Right. That’s got to be cool. Wait, Steve, you do a bunch of other voices. Oh, here he goes. Yeah, but do a little Van Halen first.

Not easy to do very good. He makes us listen to that. Yeah, it sure does. Well, Steve what else? As long as we’re counting votes here? What else do you do on the show? I’m trying to think all the voices. I’m going to jack off on the rock. All right?

Mark the bag Mark, how are you? Good to see you today? Yeah, yeah, I want to watch Nikki Grazer in your car.

The crowd there. Stunned. I imagine how about a round of applause for Steve’s, mark, the bagger come on. Is that fun for you guys to see Steve doing that shit live? So Howard. Someone just yelled out, aren’t you? Sal’s father. Oh Salah, one of my 300 favorite Sons even though he is Yeah, Steve does a lot of stuff on the show also Steve’s like He runs a whole group of voice actors that You know, appear here regularly.

So he’s amazing hard work. We have some of the best impressionists like guests in the in-house. People like Chris, Jamie McCaffrey Samantha Fontana. It’s amazing crew that we get to work with here. And also, You know, this is gonna say John, I’m curious. Did Mike Pearlman get any votes as most valuable staffer because When he goes at Ronnie to me, it is.

He’s an enigma, you know, you just look at him, you know, he stands around, he goes fuck you, fuck you, I love him. He’s ridiculous. And just, as a comparison, here’s the real Mike Perlman. Hey, Mike. Say a few words. Yes. Can you talk about Ronnie for a second Ronnie is, uh, you know, he’s very into the Vegas lifestyle right now, you know, he’s wearing, uh, cowboy stuff and he’s not you, you could never tell he’s the guy from New York anymore and and fake Mike promise he turned into like, you know, like he looks like a Nashville guy.

Like you know, let’s go have some whiskey. Let’s, you know, barbecue and NASCAR, you know, he’s not like the mob guy, he used to be right. He looks like he raised like Spurs and walks through the desert and like, you know,

A a live audience. Come on. That’s a treat, right? That’s pretty good. And there you go. Come on. Give the man a hand. That’s a dead-on impression. If I I mean how many people in the world? Do a Mike Perlman Impressions, but so, John did Mike, did Mike get a, um,

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