Read music, speak Spanish

Ever missed school. It was important to me to be the straight A student. In a way, I was a rebel. Like him being great because most of the stoners and druggies were getting no grains. I didn’t want to be like them. When I was a junior, I got my report card and it was aged all the way down the line which I loved.

I wanted to be the best that whatever it was that was in front of me on my terms. I didn’t necessarily want to study for hours to get there, but I wanted to do enough at the last minute. By this time we were all thinking about college, at the end of my senior year, my grades were starting to slip and I had to go to Mrs.

Lopez my Spanish teacher and Bay, borrow and steal to get a v. Mike was having his own problems with grades. He always vacillated between being an absolutely brilliant student and an absolute flunkup. Our last semester, he was in, Don Platt’s, honors history class with Haim Platt was a no-nonsense, General, who was in total command of his class.

He was bald, but in great, physical shape with a perfect tan, a swab, Gavin, MacLeod died, Mike and I have been running around like Maniacs the week before his big final and he didn’t study for it. So, he cheated the last guy in planet Earth. You want to get busted by for cheating?

Was Don Platt. He was not afraid to call you out in front of a class and humiliate you. That’s what he did to Mike, who came out of class that day. White, as a ghost, getting a d in class class will put a pretty major debt in life’s chances for getting a good grade point average.

But it wasn’t my worry. I was already a shoe in college with my grades. In fact, I plan to go to Don Platt for one of my recommendations so I can go to UCLA. I’ve been Platt student for three years and I aced every one of his classes. So I knew he’d give me the Crown Jewel of all recommendations.

A few days later, I went to see him after school and he had a very unwelcoming look on his face. I asked him for a recommendation and it was as if he already had a speech prepared. Anyone who associates with Michael balzery is not a friend of mine. Nor is he getting a recommendation from me for all?

I know you and Michael were cheating, the whole time were in my classes. This was absurd. I was probably the best student he had in 10 years. The only time I’d even come close to Crossing him was in my first semester. I chosen to do an oral report on Uriah P, weaving who was a great American naval officer during the course of my research.

I discovered nervation of the word, fuck it came from the Urban Naval logs of the Captain McKee. If a crew member was punished for having sexual intercourse, it was noted in the log as luck or unlawful carnal knowledge, that was too good, a factoring not to share with clowns So I was up there spewing on Uriah P Levy in the Navy and it was around Monty Python-esque to me, my God, he was punishable offenses and I walked up to the chalkboard and rode f u c k in huge letters.

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