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Pump three, dumbest. Body modification fails by epic. Season three of the air godry show. All i wanted to do was perm my hair like catholics. I said a month as a joke during the earlier seasons, and i kept laughing about it until it happened. Then after season three i thought i go full christian bell and drastically changed my body.

Type as much as i can for each season giving every season its own vibe and aesthetic challenging myself to go method. And also the literally Dangerous and stupid. Actors are embarrassing. Very glad lose weight for season 4. Gain weight for season, 5 can get jacked for season six, all three were very hard.

The first one, the hardest. I’m a slender guy, i didn’t have much weight to lose, but i wanted to go all out and be like christian, bailey machina. Here’s the thing about christian bell, he’s psychotic sheriff. Yeah, i’m nuts, but i’m not for real nuts. I’m actually beat up my mom and sister after a Batman.

Perfect bag just jesus christened christ. Maybe you monitor your body too much mr. Bale, thank christian and cheese burgers. Somebody’s cranky. Alert. Remember when you flipped out on that same photographer, germinator? He was like i like terminated. Guy was terminated. I’m from the future to kill you and i won’t be back for the sequel.

By three season plan began to evolve. I didn’t want to just play with my weight for the show. I wanted to total body transformation for each season. My three season plan. Season 4 atomic season 4. I was depressed because i was going to work relationship with the future who’s mostly challenging, and it was frustrated and note down about comedy and show.

We’re also struggling writing bad trip for so long when i read out of money and it was raven backwards, i had the blues. I started the imagining of dark depressing world as a seasonal aesthetic, In the writers room, i expressed my feelings. And the writers started. Pitching great references.

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