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Our Dyson impersonator called a conservative show. Because he’s upset. Wants free speech. This is no more free speech. And the conservatives love free speech. They’re like, yeah man, we need free speech. Except when close off the rails when dice starts using free speech for shit that they don’t agree with.

They’re not for free speech. So here it is. All right, press number one here, we’ll protocolor. Go ahead. Yay. Good morning guys. I just want to say that we no longer have freedom of speech. Yeah, we don’t have it. You. Damn, right. We don’t have it and it’s tough for me because i happen to be the median and daughter this cancer culture bullshit.

We can’t say nothing no more. You’re absolutely right. I’ll give you this 100%. I’m staying right behind you. You listen to everybody. It’s a comedian. If you say something bad about a fucking Somalian or Mexican or someone from wherever, you can’t make any jokes online either because you deemed not aligned.

Exactly. You guys get it, you know, you’ll roll about free speech and i love it. That’s one more real quick. You know that Rudolph the red nose, reindeers considered racist. Now they will not play it on national TV. Jesus, what’s wrong with a racist? Reindeer, he avoids, the ghettos.

That was the funniest goddamn thing ever, you’re a great crowd, nothing soft limits. And is another one that i can only do on this show. You ready? Glad you got time. Go ahead. So, you know what bothers me about transgendas For bothering you. Well it’s like every time my circle for chick with a dick are bulls.

Get in the way. Oh Uh, How many lives will that get zero? That i don’t go that way. I’m straight you know uh you know i definitely believe people who are at odds with healthy body parts and they need to be mutilated and altered has to be mentally ill.

Oh, see you live better racist reindeer, but you refined it over a broad would fall, i’m simply acknowledging and recognizing that it is a mental illness. All right, all right already. Come on, don’t get your pennies in the bunch. You’re gonna love this one. Go ahead. Did you hear the one about my girlfriend’s baby?

No later. Did i? Oh, when i filled the with my gravy, she aborted. That baby. Oh unbelievable, you’re a piece of shit. Oh no, i’m a piece of shit. It’s a woman’s, right? The tune to my right murder murder. Oh, i gotta say, i didn’t know, i was talked into a bunch of woke fucking snowflakes over here and i’ll also say, you got to be at your motherfucking mind.

Well, you sound like a brick understand this. I’m not woke you look at it. Like i have to accept that but hey, like you said right it’s all about freedom with speech. Whatever there is a nice joke for you. Jack and chill went up the hill to change their private spots.

Now jack is jill. And jill is jack and i love that dicks and one. Oh, Fuck them and fuck their rainbow. We gotta be kidding me. That’s the reason we’re headed down the road we are because people that believe that transgendered bullshit or in power you’re right. If that makes me a hippie game and put me in there at the top there.

There you go. Dice calls a radio show with free speech and things. Go haywire all of a sudden, certain speech is not exact acceptable. They have free speech is dangerous

RIP Bessie 11/10/2023, Santa Monica, California

Admin. Jer, here with an update on Bessie. Woke this evening to find her masssive cyst had ruptured/burst/exploded. There was a lot of blood leaking. The couch downstairs is totaled.

Things seemed to be improving after I applied ice to the wound. My Mom called while I was still applying pressure and applying ice.

However after speaking with my Mom and Josh and Kelley we made a family decision to euthanize Bessie.

Lovely new 24-hour walk-in friendly, VEG in Santa Monica, were very kind about putting her on the other side. We stayed with Bessie while they applied a catheter.

In her origin story. The sign on her cage at the shelter read– “This is a good dog.”

And that proved true, right up until the end.

Like I often say with Mom, who was a Bessie fan, is that, there are dogs lives and then there are peoples lives. Humans on top. A notion I first considered after reading Ken Kesey’s, “Sailor Song.”