Bachelorette in Mexico

Show me. She was thinking about going on the state with Hayden. I was okay with her going. I tried to be someone who could show her that she was wanted and that she was special with how smothering her. But now I regret Do I handled it? Because she may pick hate, maybe she hit it off with him.

Maybe they had a great time Is cake. That person that you can go to finish. Lineman, I think the way she reacts to this situation will let me know tonight will probably Bring some conversations. And we’re back. We’re back. I’m feeling a little torn hated on paper, is almost exactly what I’m looking for.

He owns a company. He obviously has, you know, six figures lying around to vote to his golden retriever Rambo. But I definitely like carried that day on my back. Thank you so much for taking me on the date with you today. Thanks for telling me about Rambo about your life to be honestly.

Like, today was just amazing. I enjoyed every moment I had with you today and I’m so glad that I chose you and I’m so glad you said yes. Yeah. Then on flip side, Logan and I have a very tangible connection.

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