Gallon drunk

Going to drink it. We’re going to start with a celsius energy. Drink then, add espresso martini. Oh, that’s going to give us energy, then a mountain view kickstart. That’s the best of the mountains. I love it so many turtle, that’s the best. That’s what you want to start off yerba mate and then a to prevent a panic attack of Xanax but we’re just going to use a tick tick.

We’ll stop your heart. Have a panic attack. What’s hers. Here’s the panic room. Pictures.

Paste yourself.

Your projected it. The next drink is based on your work in the Twilight films, okay? It’s early in the day, so i’m just going to admit something now. I don’t i haven’t seen them at only use quite long. Okay, so no, twilight from here. Like, i won’t bring it up.

You better be giving me your lugs for this. I’m giving you a Bloody Mary mix. Garlic. Are you understanding the theme polica? This is the national liqueur of Transylvania. Oh, yeah. And we’re going to stir it all with a wooden steak. And i’m just gonna tell you right now, this is going to be a disaster.

So don’t overdose but Oh yeah. Except actually We can never touch. Don’t.

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