Smother brothers

Yes of course. Why don’t you take a look you got your iphone with you. Why don’t you record? These little snippets rich when you get these idea. Why don’t you record these things? Because they’re probably gold. I do now because it’s just easy, but And and sometimes this whole songs and sometimes it’s parts.

But back then it was literally just if it’s if it sticks, it’s going to be worth working on. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t, you know, wish her an idea. Chris that like since since rich is your little brother, right? What did you ever sit there and go? I can’t be in a band with my little brother.

I mean, he can’t be that good. No, you know, it’s weird. I was i told because we’ve been doing all this stuff lately and you know, the when we we’re kids and you know, and mom and dad made the Decision to move to the suburbs. And so now we’re in the suburbs and now we’re at, i’m at this high school, it’s three thousand.

It’s like a john hughes movie and uh, i was hard for me. I mean, i i played basketball, i had friends but my life with art was different at that time. But i found, you know, i was into records, we liked punk music. We like, you know, indie music.

But i loved Bob Dylan, i love the birds. I love buffalo Springfield, i like folk music and REM comes along and they’re scratching that itch. And i meet a kid at our school and he is into that music and he has a good guitar and i’m like, oh yeah, our cousin just got a drum kit and we meet a kid down the street, who has a base.

And i’m like, all right, let’s let’s come over to my parents, go basement, and we’ll like learn some bird songs in a dylan song or something. And then this is kind of true. And you, please stop me if i’m wrong rich. Just kind of comes downstairs with his guitar like i’m playing too and i was like, i was like all right you know.

Okay and it was it was horrible. What we were doing was sounded horrible. And then one day, but we, you know, but it was fun, but it was obviously, you know, day one day, one of trying to do anything and then we maybe played once or twice and then this kid didn’t show up and it was just rich and then it wasn’t great.

But something clicked. And now it sounds a little bit like a band or it sounds a little bit like something with just rich playing guitar with the rhythm section, in me, trying to sing. And that’s really day. One of like, okay, we didn’t eat. People would be so surprised.

We’ve never discussed any thing we’ve ever done. We’ve never

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