But I toured with him last year, you’ll love them. I promise, trust me, but I toured with him and Brent Smith, their lead singer, gave me the best advice. He said look jelly, The only way a muscle can recover is with hydration the right food and with sleep solid rest.

He said your vocal cord is like every other muscle. He said, non-negotiable on tour, eight hours of sleep. Non-negotiable non-negotiable, two gallons of water a day non-negotiable ever since I’ve been doing that dude, it’s rock and roll, it’s been so easy. But Charlie, don’t you have to push every three seconds when you drink two gallons of water a day about 13 times a day but if I quit drinking before about five or six pm, I’d get through the night and no drugs, no weed.

Nothing. I mean you got to stay pure, am I correct? Ah Okay, all right. Well, you got to get through the day, man. It’s better what better than Xanax when you tore, when you have a big show and they always all the artists talk about, it’s a big high for you.

You know, when you when you’re in front of thousands and thousands of people, when you go back to the hotel, is it hard for you to get to sleep? Is it hard for you to come down off of that high? I don’t care if I go to a bar and just sing one song for fun because we’ll still go do sit-ins at like local bars just kind of work some stuff out with us, our band.

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