Bless my Mom for another Passover seder in the books. She really tries her best for positive outcomes.

I didn’t fare very well back at Mayfield.

My Mom had leaked in the days leading up to Passover in a conversation with Joe that part of the brisket marinating sauce recipe should include a whole “Onion Mix Packet.”

I made a mental note that I should avoid the brisket and possibly forewarn people who are sensitive to the effects of MSG. But as I am prone to do, I was silent, and then drove right into the brisket with an extra-large portion of the nicely sliced meat.

Joe and Mom, if you don’t know by now, beef is best seasoned with just plain-old salt. Kyle and Judd taught me that, and they are from Texas. Kyle about the hidden-danger of MSG and Judd about salting the steak.

If you want a coast to coast style Passover migraine headache, combine a mega-dose of MSG with Manishvitz red wine, chocolate-matza, and low blood sugar topped off with some Jewish holiday ritual prayer.

My Mom is the greatest, and this is written as folly but also as reflection. If you know my Mom, perhaps challenge her to “listen more” about your ideas for food verses her default “Jewish Mother” provider mode.

With many Gerontology experts present at this seder–we know after a certain age leadership can falter. Not for President Joe though, who says he is up for 2024.