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Little hello to talk about people. Thank you. Got herpes, aids. And These people, right? His career skyrocketed to new levels of fame. On the late 80s. You take it. His act all the way to massive Arenas across America. Oh, mother Hobbit went to the coming to get a road dog.

A bone.

In 1990, he became one of the first comedians to sell out. Madison Square Garden. I remember watching dice perform back. Then I went, oh, comedy is now your rock star. You can become a rockstar, have a championship belt for comedians, But if they did, I would be the understood in comedy.

King Over two sold out of 19 performed for close to 40,000 die-hard fans In the world of comedy 1990. Andrew does Clay was a big blip on the cultural rad.

Set times

Is in the name of music. We were in New York mixing Axel felt like something was missing from the song and then Stephen Adler’s girlfriend Adriana at the time was was in the studio but Stephen had made it there yet Years later Adriana spoke about the extraordinary events that followed he was like Adrian I know and it’s axle voice.

You know, there’s something I’d like you to do, It’s very serious. He wanted to have life. Sex sounds on a song. He was mixing, we were young and wild and free and there was the notion that it was for an artistic purpose. Of course, I would do that. You know, we might the two of them up and they went at it and we recorded it.

I had no idea that I was going to be rock and roll history that it was going to be a legendary app. I didn’t realize that she was a serious girlfriend as Stevens. So, I mean only dawned on me later, you know, oh, that wasn’t good. And it might be part of the reason that that Steven and Axel are still someone a strange As the months of recording, go on axles behavior.

Grows even more extreme and he starts to become physically destructive. He smashed up dressing those. He’s always bleeding and Harding his toes by kicking through walls. And so on of to destroy things have become part of his resident, it’s no coincidence. So that first album was called after time for destruction.

Welcome to the jungle. Anything goes? You’re crazy. Even axle is aware. That is volatile personality, could jeopardize the future of the band I’m psychotic. And that’s a real problem to try to. Like, you know, it’s like I have to like, balance up, you know, when can I destroy everything around me to, when I have to be nice to everybody.

It was very clear to me that there was something going on Axel’s turbulent mind is threatening to destroy, not just the band but also himself At the age of around 24. Axel OD on pills. He revealed this dark moment to Kurt Loader. The reason I ever do this because of stress, I couldn’t take it.

Yeah, and I just grabbed this bottle pills and in an argument and just goes down and ended up in the hospital, eventually, actual agrees to see a psychiatrist to try and get a diagnosis for his mood swings. He’s diagnosed with manic depressive disorder. Now known as bipolar disorder, bipolar is a very debilitating condition with extreme highs and extreme lows that are very difficult for the person who is experiencing the symptoms.

His mood swings, his appetite, for destruction, all make sense to a bipolar diagnosis. It also makes sense to his pain. His desire for control when things even in his own mind. Seem out of control. He took lithium for a while, which was a common, you know, medication for manic depressives

Watch-out, doctor strong.

Great “Real Time” tonight.

10th is coming. Did I say congratulations. I’m going to put on a fucking condom You. But first up, Here’s a filmmaker writer and author of the new novel, Wiremouth feel bad romance, John Waters here. Hello. John Waters. How are you sir? Well, how you doing? Great to see you at your undisclose location, You’re a very subdue there.

You look fantastic. Thank you so much. I wonder what it would be like. You’re such an icon at this point. Why don’t we? Like if you and I walk down, Santa Monica Boulevard, you know, and Boys Town. We Tender Greens. Well, it depends which block used to do. It used to be on that Monica Boulevard that they had different blocks out front of Okie, Dog was the killer hustlers.

Then you win another block, it was straight hustlers better bisexual Ben gave, then drag and then trans. So, you know, it’s hard. There’s a lot of red lights on Santa Monica, So I don’t, It was nice to watch.

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Go to older posts for more distorted pictures. A few months into the new cellular phone Google Pixel 6, 5G. T-mobile experience.

Some more seemingly great HTC One standard effects like “double- exposure” and “prism” are notably absent. Am I willing to bet the premium photoshop buy in to mimic , the answer is a hard-no. Other elements of the phone are improvements.

Perhaps the “Pro” edition of the Pixel 6 has these effects; but my research before purchasing was limited.

Sad, right before I dropped the HTC One into oblivion, I had been thinking back to film school Super 8 daze when Mike shot incredible work with an epic camera. That led mostly to his campus apartment being targeted for burglary, camera taken. He was a good sport though, and threw an epic graduation party at his parents home in Fullerton.


Let me begin by talking about what health is the root. Meaning of health is homeless, but I think many of us don’t really have a good sense of what it means to be whole, Why is this such an important idea? By the way, that same root that gives us health?

Also gives us the word holy so you know one of the characteristics their holes that make them so important. Well I can think of two characteristics that seem to be do very special. The first is that holes are complete, they’re perfect. There’s nothing left out. So something that’s whole represents a perfection and therefore is an image of our perfect ideal.

I think this is the connection of wholeness with religion, as well as with physical health and the second characteristic of holes is that not only is everything there, not only is everything present but everything is in balance. It’s in just the right order to allow the magic of wholeness to express itself.

So I think those two characteristics perfection and balance are key aspects of health. Now if you ask many people to define health for you and unfortunately this is true as many doctors as well. The common answer you get is that health is the absence of disease. I think that’s a very unhelpful way of thinking about health.

First of all disease itself comes from an old French word, that means the absence of ease. So to say that health is the absence of the absence of ease is just not very helpful, But I think especially the defined health and a negative sense. Something that’s so important to us.

Doesn’t get us very far to me. It’s much more interesting and much more important to focus on the positive attributes of health that have to do with perfection. And balance, really give you a visual picture of health that I think is useful, If you think of one of those child knockdown toys with a weighted bottom, you push it over and it bounces back up.

You may hold it down for a period of time and it’ll stay down. But as soon as you let go, it bounces back up. That kind of resilience that we turn to center, seems to be to be an image of health. If you’ve got that quality, if you have that internal quality of resilience and balance seeking, you can move through the world with all of its dangers, and not get hurt.

Because a lot of out here, that’s dangerous. We live in a world that’s full of toxins. Germs agents of disease. Carcinogens stress, Emotional turmoil. I mean there’s so much out there that has a potential to knock us off balance, But if you have that internal resilience, if that’s well developed you’re not going to get knocked down very far or for very long so that if you are healthy, if you have this quality let’s get to a doctor, you can interact with jurors and not get infections, you can interact with carcinogens and not develop cancer.

You can interact with allergens and not have allergic responses. This is a positive amount of the toxins that don’t get harm. So it seems to me that this is what you want to work on. You want to cultivate this quality of balance.