Jim v. Simon

Perfect on a DHS page. And this I have the lineup for that that concert and it is just. Now there were two simultaneous concert for anyone who wasn’t isn’t old enough that scene that but it was like the biggest I was the biggest deal. And like, I think my whole life at the time, Philadelphia and London and the Phillies show alone and the London show was almost as good as maybe just as good Black Sabbath.

Run DMC crop. He still is a Nash, Judas priest, Brian Adams, a Beach Boys. Pretender Santana, Madonna Tom Penny, Kenny Loggins the cars, Neil Young, the Thompson Twins are fighting Phil Collins Hall & Oates Mick. Jagger Tina Turner. Bob Dylan, Keith Richards running with Led Zeppelin. Yeah, Prince I think we take that stuff for granted like yeah you guys are all big stars, of course, you’re all together but I would imagine that that was a mind-boggling experience because mine don’t have the one great memory.

Actually from that day, We were all backstage. Just I think we came on after Crosby Stills.