Our event isn’t the pot going to kettle fat. I don’t know what it is. Of the United States. Maybe the king of craziest thing about him was he thinks he’s thin? Like, he gets up in the morning, he looks in the mirror and he sees ryan gozling before him.

Email our new speaker to the house. Mike johnson is giving us plenty to talk about. There’s a video, i don’t know if you’ve seen. This doesn’t mean appearance at church in Louisiana. A couple years ago. They talked about how he and his son jack who was 17 at the time monitor.

Each other’s porn intake. They use something called accountability software which tracks the internet activity on your computer, your phone, your iPad, etc. And shares it with your accountability partner, who and Mike’s case Is his teenage son and vice versa, so if his son looks a porn, his dad gets an alert and Mike what’s important?

His son gets an alert which is you know, it is possible to be too close with your children. To very, very strange to ask your teenage son to be your horn, accountability, partner. I mean, i get it. You don’t want them one, but how about it? They’re like if you have nobody else in your life to do this with, i will gladly be your porn accountability.

Will cross country. I’m very open minded whenever weird stuff you’re watching. Uh, i know clown porn cosplay. Foot fetish the stuff with the tentacles. No problem. I don’t judge what happens between you Mike and your Johnson is your business. Well, let’s get your son out of this, huh? I mean i didn’t think it was possible but my johnson makes Mike Pence look like Mike Tyson.

We too, you know, today’s about being an historic day in this country on november 6, 2012 for the first time ever cannabis was made legal for recreational, use in Washington Colorado and since then 22, other states have followed.

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BXXBCN LITTLE RICHARD at Wrigley Fields, Los Angeles, 2 September 1956

Little Richard: I Am Everything (Lisa Cortés, 2023)