Jake and the fat-man

Special special report. Do you like bird here? I’m just burned it up and researched a bunch of Stormy. Daniels fired. Push it this way. Let’s go.

Where are you here today? We’re here to support the real President, Donald Trump. Exactly. What do you think? Trump is innocent. It’s that we don’t care.

You know, exactly. I agree with this guy. Donald Trump is the Milwaukee black people than anyone including Martin Luther King James. You tend to get in the American Justice. Exactly. Listen. We don’t know a lot about the law, but I just talked to Kill a Mockingbird and that is not how you kill a Mockingbird.

Anyways um To Kill a Mothman. So now, when people say Robert De Niro, they’re not going to say he was a great actor in the interstate he was a

Security detail and see you get your hands down here by yourself. Yeah come on, come on, gang gangster, right the gangster right now. I know I’ll come home. Well obviously today’s the Moment of Truth In terms of the story, Daniel’s disaster, or whatever you want to call it, I used to be a comedy.

It’s Donald Trump saved my Bible. Can we talk a little bit about some facts? Well, women’s Olympics. Oh wait, wait, no, no, no, no, no. I want to agree with you. Excuse me. You just crossed the line. Now, get out of my way. All right, all right, we should try to get out of my warehouse.

You are think about you. Watches get the Walmart. What did I do? It’s a pawn shop. That’s why I’m acting like a clown right here for a second. This is all a lot. If he had sex with Stormy Daniels, where’s the baby? But we don’t have, he been cheated on her.

Where’s he been on your hand? My whole thing is, I I’m sexual women and I don’t have babies with them.

To the best. I’ll make this guy, I’m with this guy right here, listen, this whole cord. This whole trial is a bunch of BS, you know, how many women have paid me to stop saying? I have sex with them. Hmm.

When Donald Trump comparison to Mother Teresa his father Teresa hasn’t had a girl and I go, it’s it’s called Manhattan, not for Lady half. We see him. What are you chapter more than 11 hours of deliberations over two days. A dozen New Yorkers have decided to pay Hub, the former president.

Okay, the bird Sacramento area with the courthouse. A former president of the United States is guilty.

Right now and Trump campaign, and actual stronger.

This is the promistory of Dustin. Now I know it feels like to be a nutsman What does bra even mean? What does it mean dude, I don’t know. To vote differently. That’s essentially what they have to give you, okay? Uh, home with a newborn. Hey hey guys, I don’t even know this, but wait a minute.

I’m doing one man gives birth. They’re bad and cranky and they don’t want to have sex. He had guys, okay, right behind here. Come out here. All right, I’m good.

Let’s not wrestle Mt. heart attack

I’ve always been an active person biking running by yoga. It’s really special to me, it’s definitely a big part of who I am and I love the way that makes me feel. But there was a time that long ago when I felt Part of who I am. And I love the way to It’s really special to me.

It’s definitely a big part.

From this time last year, when I come back to like a real scare, in a U.S national park, the tourists attacked by a grizzly bear. Also tonight, the death of Matthew Perry and the new term of this investigation,

Free, and the neutral. This investigation. I’ve always been an active person biking running but yoga it’s really special, to me, it’s definitely a big part of who I am. And I love the way it makes me feel. But there was a time that long ago when I felt, I had to accept the idea of hanging up this old yoga mat.

You see, I have symptomatic obstructive HCM, which left me so short of breath, I just couldn’t get out of here. Making me feel like a bystander in my own life. So I talked to my cardiologist and he told me about Camp science. He said, Kem Zio’s c a m z May improve your symptoms and your ability to be active.

Hemsitis may cause serious side effects, including heart, failure lately to death, a risk. That’s increased if you develop a serious infection or irregular heartbeat or when taking certain other medicines, so do not stop starve or change medicines orthodox without telling your health care provider. You must have hypocardiograms before enduring treatment, seek help.

If you experience new or worsening symptoms of heart failure because of this risk, kansylis is only available for a restricted program before. Taking campsailles tell your doctor about all of your medical conditions including card or planned pregnancy with cancer. Reducing my symptoms have gone from sitting on the sidelines to being back in the game.

My name is Stephanie and this is my kansaya’s moment. Call your cardiologist today and see if a canzio’s moment may be in your future too.