Naked brunch

What I’m seeing someone living to each other for some years. Oh, okay, good. Because, uh, he’s gonna have to get nude too. When you go to the new Red Lobster. Yeah. Brett, the restaurant, he really has a tense about it. Can you send us a picture of your hemorrhoid?

Um, no. None of them, right? No, absolutely not. I can send you a picture of me though. If you want, I want to say,

Yeah, send me a picture. So the next time we talk I I can look it over, all right. Okay, no problem. Well, good luck, you know? Thank you, I appreciate next week. Do you want to hear from other nudist? People who live in nudist colonies because there’s two there’s one named Megan and one named Andy which do you prefer the woman any representation?

Okay. Megan. What do you want to say? Hello. Hi. Hey hey, it’s Megan. The swinger Oh yeah, oh yes. Um, so a lot of these, swinger resorts are also, like Judas colonies where people live, like in their RVs or their trailers. And I 100 agree with Wolfie every time we’ve gone to some kind of nudist place.

It is not the most attractive people in the world. They are usually much older like 50, plus, everything’s sagging. They’re overweight and living the dream. You know what I mean? Like it’s like it’s like man, I’ve waited my whole life to be nude with other people. And all right.

Megan, I get it. Thank you. She’s right Andy. Go ahead. What do you want to say real quick? Because I got to get to some other uh things go ahead. Andy. Well, Wolfie is correct. Inland, most people are not the uh, you don’t want to see them, dude. It’s not sexual but there is something that is wonderful being naked out in the sun that little bit of a bathing suit may really makes a difference.

You know, when you’re just laying out in the sun, Yeah, but I don’t think that’s Andy. I don’t think that’s what we’re talking about, you know. I get it. Like maybe you want to feel the sun on your pain or something but like we’re talking about like a whole lifestyle around being naked.

And, uh, you know, it’s it’s weird. You don’t get the sun in the restaurant, you don’t get the Sun at the buffet, you know. No. But the one thing that is that is definitely is. I found that people are a lot more open and Unless uh, less of a wall, a guard on them.

Less aggressive. Maybe because they’re naked. You know, you have nothing to hide and I think people are a little more open to talk, nor you know what, really they feel as opposed to kind of being guarded at what. Because again, you’re naked, you have nothing to hide. And that’s a, that’s a big thing for us.

Listen, Andy, I just don’t get it. I, I don’t want to be around everyone who’s like, into being naked. I mean, I don’t want to be, I told you, I don’t want to be around a community where everybody’s into the same thing and Ricardo. Go ahead, you have the last word.

I want to get off this topic because I got a ton of stuff to get to go ahead Ricardo. Yeah, sure. Sherry’s wrong about the hemorrhoids. I had them. I had them internally. I accidentally eventually those external ones. They’re gonna, they’re gonna sing gorge and pop out again. She’s not, there’s no self-healing with us.

You got to get them, surgically the doctor. I’m going to


And the reason I love this song so much, I love the premise of the song. You’re saying, and if I have this wrong, tell me, but when things are so shitty at home, why would you go? You knew a guy. He had a fucked up, home life. And then he’s going home and you go, why go home?

And it’s such a great question, why do we go home? And I mean, not only is it great musically but the premise is just so Awesome. And who is this guy? Ed, who is the guy who you knew who shouldn’t go home? For the first line there. Howard. It says uh, she So it’s a woman, it’s a woman.

Um sorry, it’s all right and um You know, it was also this thing about um, Parents, who couldn’t handle. Their kids are what was probably pretty normal, or maybe they were caught smoking pot, or maybe Grades were going down or both at the same time, or they got in a couple fights or they felt they were hanging out with the wrong crowd.

But but then because they They were at a loss or maybe they both parents worked or they needed help. And then they go to get, you know, like a Why person a psychologist or something a psychiatrist? And then And then they are kind of convinced that they should put the kid, you know, send them away.

In this case, A young woman and And then you realize, then it turns into another thing where They keep the kid there. And then and then it gets a little Little interesting when they keep the kid there until the insurance runs out.