Shape of things

It is this week in unnecessary censorship.

The first time that I the queen was this again. One former President criticized FBI agents for not enough in his bedroom. Black reputin is going to try to your sure. He is. Well, an executive with Beyond Meat is accused of biting a man’s. And I like time ago, I actually did a little remote down there on it.

You grant. Yes. And all potatoes because I got the sausages. He’s very much in shape and when you watch him can tell that even when he has these big he’s got the guest back it up home, Gainesville police officers arrested in 29 year old David. Last night, I am going to on somebody’s somewhere in America and I’m not going to tell you, where can you tell me the state?

Nope. And as Republican leader the house agriculture committee. I like, remind us all the farmer. The next time you crack open a cold, one is gonna come in my friend’s here, but the calf didn’t feel like it

In threes

Johnson If so have no fear. As far as the world is concerned. He was If you want to prove that he was, all you need to do is go through the text of their respective place and find the passages that validate the opinion. Most of the world already accepts.

It will not be difficult. And it will feel like the differences you locate are a manifestation of merit, But you will actually be enforcing a tautology. Shakespeare is better than Marlo and Johnson because Shakespeare is more like Shakespeare, which is how we delineate greatness within playwriting. All three men or talented, All three had enough merit to become the historical equivalent of Shakespearean, Add history on spooled differently but it didn’t It unschooled the way we understand it.

And Shakespeare had almost nothing to do with that. He’s remembered in a way that Marlow and Johnson are not particularly by those who haven’t really thought about any of these guys ever To matter forever. You need to matter to those who don’t care. And if that strikes, you as sad, be sad.

Burn thy witches. I’ve written about pop music for over 20 years, productively enough to deliver musicology lectures at universities. I could have never attended. I be identified as an expert in rock documentaries broadcast in countries where I do not speak the language. I’ve made a lot of money in a profession where many talented peers, earn the adult equivalent of birdseed.

I’ve had multiple conversations about the literal meaning of the big star single September Girls, spelled g u r. L. S Chiefly focused on who the September girls, were what they allegedly did. And why the world girls needed to be misspelled. I own a DVD about the prehistory of Quiet Riot and I’ve watched it twice Yet.

Any time I write about popular music and even if the sentiment I articulate is something as banal. And innocuous as the Beach Boys were pretty great. Many, many people will tell me. I don’t know anything about music including a few people. Like classify as friends, Even though every concrete signifier suggests, my understanding of rock music is airtight and stable.

I live my life with an omnipresent sensation of low-level anxiety.