Build back better Biden

I was walking out. I thought I heard a rumbling my staff saying, oh, he’s back nicer sticking around. You are the oldest president ever. Who caught, the pandemic. Thank you for sticking around. The president didn’t have to go to Walter. Reed. Did he But then that go to Walter Reed President touted one of the pharmaceutical breakthroughs that helped him recover and did.

So in a classic Biden way, Then there’s an Americans have used Pax Liberty Paxilvia, excuse me. Packs, Logan. I tell you what, I, I think it’s Breakthroughs health and recover and did. So in a classic Biden way, Millions of Americans have used plex liberally tax religious within the Lord practice lower it.

I tell you what, I I think it’s I used it. I tell you, I got you.


See, I want you to get out of the car and cross the street, Look between those two buildings. And when you come back, I want you to tell me what you have seen At one point. He showed us a bullfighting arena. That had been turned into a mall as bad as people think it was we never killed the bull in public view.

The way they do in Spain Instead here in Portugal. We would do it backstage, Americans think that bullfighting is savage and backward, but if you could do it with firearms, we probably be all over it. I said can you imagine the bull would be released and someone with the sawed-off shotgun would blow its front legs off.

Patsy can’t bear to hear things like this. She’s a vegetarian and won’t even watch a movie. If it has a weapon in it. Carlos meanwhile continued with his tour. David look straight ahead. Do you see those tiles? I noticed that he said usually rather than usually beach was bitch as in live in this mansion and you could have your own private bitch.

I do not care about your bitches. I want to tell him, or your churches or your famous sites. All I care about are your stores. So how about you just button your lip and drive me to the one. I read about that sells the wax models of human intestines.

I long ago, stopped feeling bad about my interests history. Give me a break culture yawn, take me to the nearest supermarket When it came to drivers a much preferred you on style. After a night in Bucharest, he collected Patsy and me at our hotel and drove us to Transylvania.

As we got underway, I told him about a Frenchman, I know.

Amanda animal

I think that was what she was doing. I watch that. I would watch that movie, the best present Photoshop, where she can’t get the chickens to the same one place. But, yeah. Everybody else. What’s the hardest thing about farm lines? Like what’s the hardest animal? Because you got all kinds?

Yeah, it’s a good question. I think the hardest, you know, they’re all pretty easy animals are easy, really, But somewhat, but I’ve got this really high maintenance force. Who has a lot of like allergies, and he had to see this visiting dermatologist at a place a facility like a half hour away.

So to bring them for like an allergy panel and I just never thought I would be talking about something like that in public or Nebraska, is there any chance he has moderate to severe? Plexoriasis does even Zimbata or whatever that stuff is as yeah. Well, we’re not sure. We think that the blood work backup.

You almost lift into a little in the bowls right there. Yeah, we’re not sure. I want to get this one out because we like to do public service here. Just less image of the farm. What is going on here? That looks like a little. Would anybody like to take a guess?

What is this? Anyone know what this is, Anyone Guess what this is? Okay, no, it’s a tortoise theme park, okay? And it’s a sad story. Oh good. Actually, it is heartbreaking. The resident in the longer.