Theatre in the ground

On June 15, 2023, L.A.’s Center Theatre Group announced layoffs and the indefinite closure of the Mark Taper Forum.

(Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times)

Hunt for red October

What do you want? Oh, hi, donald mr. President Donald hello, I would think how very much, you know what i’m doing? Well, and hunter is a bad hombre. He has a job from their calling. It nepotism something. I’ve never done. By the way. He’s a nasty nasty. Nipper. We call him the home network, by the ways like a pot that went bad.

He’s so horrible. That’s so bad. He’s just honestly. Have you seen what he did? Lady livery, liberty, solar pairs, and ripped off her pearl necklace. He’s getting off so easy. He’s grabbed the paleo by the deal pussy, because the president is his dad dad. So, sad hour, and i borrow one little teeny winny itsy bitsy box of national secrets and where and they want to draw in quarter me with horses, tyr and feather may send me to Guantanamo.

And did you know this hunter is a crackhead too, he’s a little crack baby sucking on a crack pipe, i saw him sleeping outside, the Trump Tower linking fentanyl off of a sewer great. He’s a member of the outdoor insane. Asylum, and he’s admitting guilt. Who does that only lose his admit

I can’t even say the word. By the way, they g word. You know, you know, mr. President, uh, you know, that’s the point he admitted his guilt. So they, you know, and he paid his fine, you understand that, but you say, he’s a, he’s a horrible person, horrible person.

He got up so easy, so and biden. Did you know biden’s trying to legalize crack to get his son off? That’s what they’re doing there, they putting it in the pharmacys. Cracked hundred just goes and he goes to Walgreens, he gets a crack pipe. That’s what biden wants to do to this country.

By the way, uh, you know, i know you’re upset. I understand that you go very upset but uh, you will never admit your guilt, right. You will never say you took the documents and you should return them. You will never say that. I’ve never done. I’ve never done anything wrong in my life.

I live in honest life, i’m a good man. I’m a sweet man. I they call me the the glorious innocent man that’s what they call me. I made good ombre I’ve never done anything and i live my life. This way i always have our word live it with kindness.

Kind, i treat people well and if they if they disloyal we we do it. We have to do, we do we dismember them at times but quite general was disloyal. Uh, the governor of new jersey was disloyal, but right. I was christy, you know, we’re going into that big fat asshole and you know what?

I don’t want to say anything better about the guy, but he’s a disgusting fat asshole and quite frankly, we were very good friends. There was a time where we would best friends but now i see him as a big fat disgusting disgrace greasy, christie He’s just let’s keep it lighter, then, let’s keep it lighter.

Ivanka was off of ivanka. Your beautiful daughter was out for father’s day with jared. Did you do anything with any of your kids on father’s day? You know what? She didn’t invite me. It must have been an accident. She probably didn’t get my calls text dm’s face times or the singing elf telegram, i sent her.

And she sees me lesses a father and more of a friends with benefits at this point, but I spend the day with my two sons, don junior and the the other the other guy. All right. Right across the eric eric. That’s right right. They love their father. They call me the world’s greatest daddy.

They call me. It was so sweet. They made me a macaroni necklace. And we’re looking into having putting it in the fridge there adult nanny. They make the poison of a bitch. She wears a little a harness I was gonna ask you something. Did you hear about this titanic submarine?

That’s lost in the ocean. You have any thoughts about that? I think