Freddy K.

Uh, yes. Freddy I’m gonna eat you up in a sandwich. Okay. Freddy no. I’ve seen these movies. She watches them all the time by the way. I’ve been handed. A note, Wendy keeps a 12 pack of Krispy, Kreme Donuts next to her bed. So she could eat about a dozen a day.

With the salads and chocolate. Wendy, this is crazy. What about ozempic? Are you? Uh, have you heard about this Wendy, where you can take a, a shot and you won’t want to eat No. Yeah, they have such a thing. She hasn’t heard of that. No, how much. How much do you weigh these days?

Uh I was like uh 320 oh okay. Um you might be a good candidate for this. Uh, are you able to go to the bathroom by yourself or does someone have to help you in there? Uh, I could go to the bathroom by myself. I hold on to my wheelchair and the ramp in the bathroom I see.

Wow. And I and I like my own ass if you want to know. Well, actually, too much information. Yeah, I was a little embarrassed. Oh, it’s Doctor now, the famous weight loss doctor from 600 pound. Uh, whatever that is. Go ahead doctor. Now, hello, Wendy. How y’all doing? I’m doing a fun doctor.

Why you have full size of fridge in your room? You keep it in the way you’re gonna need the most like coffin. You’re not gonna live too long or Wendy. Um, the only reason why I have my own refrigerator is because I keep my own food so I don’t eat my ants food up.

You see the problem with Wendy, he’s surrounded by enabler and they’re not doing the right thing for her. You keep, he drinking all that ranch dressing, you’re gonna live on a ranch, you’re gonna get so big Wendy.

Wendy told me this this really cool story, so Wendy’s Wendy’s currently showering about once a month. So they recently went to a hotel that had one of those like giant walk-in showers so they would have enough room to maneuver to give her a shower. I just think that that’s that’s Innovative the way that they’re doing things.

Wendy. Why don’t you just take an extra bedroom and clear that out and turn it into one big showering room? Uh, because my mom has her room and I have my own room where there’s a bathroom, cool spot where I won’t shit myself. Do you ever um think about going outside and just taking a plain old garden hose and having your mom spray you down?

No. Yeah that might be an answer. Like that’s what they do. Sometimes you know like you could go outside and stand there and well we don’t know what the outs is there a side that’s not seen by the neighbors or is this? Well they have a very big yard their trailers sits on a very largest state of massive acreage.

Why don’t you go through a car wash? We live with my aunt. We don’t have the place of our own. And they’re back in Wayne Florida. Now Howard, they move back from Georgia. It took like I think it took like a year to fully move everything but they’re Wendy.

Do you start to smell bad after not showering for an entire month? No, because I use deodorant and perfume. Oh, you perfume. Okay. So Candy. Yeah but I mean the the smell that comes up out of your buttocks and vaginal areas because you know it sits in dirt. You know, like have you ever taken off your diaper and a huge wafting?

Smell comes up. Um, no, I I when I normally change or take off my diaper, I don’t feel nothing. Um, you don’t smell anything, huh? That’s not what you told me. Wendy. What did she tell? You, you told me that your mom gags and gets sick. That’s what you told me.

I guess that’s when she’s around me. Helping me do something other than that, she’s not with me at the time. Yeah, you don’t notice the smell, your mom does Either Wendy said in between showers just uses baby wipes. So like she’ll clean her whole body with baby. Oh, that’s good.

Good little wipe down doctor. Now any advice You need to go on the diet, 1200 calorie a day, or when people smell you, they’re gonna hack to you and throw up. That’s a good question. Wendy has your as your mom?

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